Jwala Proudly Launched its new venture the 100% Biodegradaable low cost “Sanitary Napkin”

Women's Hygiene in india

Jwala Orgnaization  is trying to change this disturbing picture in India by providing affordable, biodegradable and high quality sanitary pads to rural women who currently do not have access to it. These sanitary pads are manufactured by women self-groups who then also distribute them among other women in the village. We raise awareness, boost confidence, ease pain, save lives and increase social and economic opportunities for girls and women.

Our Product focuses on providing affordable, quality sanitary napkins to women in areas beyond the reach of the MNC products and to create a profitable and self-sustainable business entity owned and run by Village Level Entrepreneurs. Our business model works as a platform integrator, selling machines to women Self Help Groups, ensuring timely availability of raw materials at the low cost and best prices and also leveraging our non-profit arm to engage extensively with the village clusters working on community awareness, capacity building of village micro entrepreneurs and ensuring last mile reach.

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