Love yourself love your life.


my story like every newly married girl even i dreamed to b pampered loved n cared but it all ruined 2nd day of my marriage when in laws made me wash clothes manually despite having washing machine.Time was moving day by day became hell taunts,back bitching,always finding lope holesin me i was completely frustrated.No one at inlaws place was mine nor even betterhalf for him his parents are always correct.When i wasnt well even at that time they made me do all household work.Things gone out of limit finally i decided to Quit this relation.We started leaving separate and 1 day they came to my home to sort matter then i decided i will go back to home only when they will treat me like human n allow me to live my life my way i vl do job n i will keep helper no more taunts if they agree then fine else m good at my parents place.Now thing are better n finally i realised that we have to fight our own fight no one can help us.Silence is not always solution we have to take bold decision to make our life happy.Love yourself love your life.😊

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