Positive Attitude And Determination


Wanted to tell you about one of my friend named Garima who lives in Noida.

She was diagnosed with GBS syndrome, a rare disorder of nervous system.She was completely paralysed an year ago and was even on the verge of death. But her positive attitude and determination inspires and baffles me at the same time.

he was preparing for law at that time. Through her hard work and determination her physical condition has improved a lot; can walk slowly but with help. While there was also a time when she could only move her eyes and was bedridden for months together.For the past six months, what she is doing is, she has started teaching the poor children from around her neighborhood. Most of them are child workers and their social/economic background is very poor.

I recently contacted her and I got to know that she had procured them admissions in a nearby government school. They are around 42 in number.I told her about Jwala, and on its behalf I told her that we can help her in every possible way we can in this endeavor of hers.

Shall be grateful if you could suggest some ways of supporting her.

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