We primarily have 2 modules of self defence to be conducted as per the requirement of the institution.

The self-defense workshop by jwala has been tactically designed to empower the women against any kind of physical abuse or a threat for the same. Jwala not only prepares you for the future but also firmly believes in helping in correcting the wrongs of the past. Hence, these sessions see the policies and legal women and enabled them to 'be the change' that women need.



Recently camp organized in Burhanpur, a small town in Madhya Pradesh saw a record-breaking attendance of 1000 girls in one go. Another milestone of this workshop is a capsule program designed and implied especially for visually impaired girls. The very first of this workshop has been 75 successful enrollments. This program is now ready to be nationwide. No matter how many times your amazing, absolutely brilliant work is the extensive training of self-defense.

1. Distribution of Certificate at the end of the workshop.

2.  Distribution of Booklet with all the detailed tips, figurative demonstration of self-defense techniques, helpline number.

2 Hours Module

1. Counselling – 45 Minutes

Good looks, bad looks, Good touch, bad touch Beware of family, Pick up danger signals Reaction of danger signals, Cyber awareness Dress code, Nutrition, Confidence building Body language, PD.

2. Physical Training – 30 Minutes

Physical fitness How to use body parts like hands, elbow, fist, legs as self-defense weapons.When to hit & where to hit the enemy.No mercy while self-defense Tips to handle yourself in danger.

3. Police Counselling – 30 Minutes

Use of Police Helpline, PCR Van. Mahila Police Thana, We care for you help,Police is for help.

10 Days Workshop


Introduction & self defence counselling as in 2 hours capsule.


Actual training starts from:
First, 15 min – Body warm up
Then 15 min – Learning a technique
Then 15 min – Practicing the technique
Last 15 min – Cooldown
Which makes it a 1-hour training.


Proceeding toward Day 3, it starts with –
First, 15 min – Warm-up
Then, 15 min – Revision of the first-day technique (one day prior learned techniques)
Then 15 min – Learning a new technique.
Last 15 min – Practice & Cooldown
Which makes it a 1-hour training.

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Self Defence Workshop


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