Recycle Project

Recycle Project by jwala NGO
Recycle Project

Recycle Project of jwala NGO :

Urban slum women are ones who mostly need assistance and support, as they are majorly dependent on the man of the house to take care of them. This coupled with the pressure from society leads them to keep mum about the persecution that they face on a day-to-day basis. But what if these women could provide for themselves and take care of their kids on their own ?

This idea of being wholesome woman who knows her virtue gave rise to the recycle project wherein women are taught to turn old newspaper and cloth into reusable yet stylish carry bags and other material.

This is sold off in the market and the remuneration earned helps these women to run their houses without any dependency on the man of the house.

The nascent stage of this project had two-fold objective in mind, firstly, to help in making the women of the house self-sufficient and raise their level of confidence. Secondly, the recycling of goods would help the environment at large creating a good ecosystem for the Jwala to adorn all of its beauty.